1. Shipment:

We usually ship them through Express post: EMS,UPS, DHL,etc.The shipping cost based on weight and your location. Please make sure your shipping address is correct, after you payment 5-12 days, you can receive your goods.


For most of the countries, orders which are equal to or greater than 10 pcs, FREE SHIPPING!  But orders which less than 15pcs, need to pay 20--30 usd addtional shipping cost. 


For the customs clean, we have many methods and experiences, so your package is always safe and 100% of the orders are safe for delivery. Here we would like to tell you the exceptions below:

1. If the package have problem in our country Customs, we will be responsible and will resend all orders for free, you do not need to pay again.
2. But if your package is held by your country Customs, you will need to contact the Customs of your country; you should call the customs and make sure how to release your goods from there. We will not be responsible in these cases; we can do nothing upon this. And your money will not be refunded. Because we do have shipped the orders in time and paid for the shipping charges.


Shipping cost(Zone Rates):
Zone 1 Country or area code:


Zone 1 shipping cost

more than 10pcs: Free shipping!!!!

Zone 2 Country or area code:

Zone 2 shipping cost

more than 20 pcs: Free shipping!!!!

Zone 3 Country or area code:

Zone 3 shipping cost

more than 15 pcs: Free shipping!!!!



  • Express Company Tracking Sites:
  • EMS:
  • DHL:
  • UPS:
  • TNT:

2. Payment:
For all the orders, prepayment is required. We accept and maintain many payment channels as follow:

(1).Western Union
We prefer Western Union transfer, it is very fast, you can learn how to use it via .For our information for the transfer, please contact our worker .There is just one receiver information .Please take care of others cheating.

MoneyGram is welcome too .It is fast to transfer payment .More info please visit: 

(3).T/T (Wire Transfer)
You can choose Bank Transfer when you check out and we will invoice you with our bank transfer information. Please email us or reply on our inquired form by your transfer information after payment finished. Payment receives in 3-7 days.

If you make the payment by P&P, we need to add 5% P&P fee (total price *5%).We don’t put the P&P payment on the website, If you want P&P payment; contact us by whatsapp or email.